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There are many debates trying to argue if entrepreneurs are taught to be entrepreneurs or just simply born, however, we at NimbleQ believe that everyone can be a great entrepreneur as long as they understand that entrepreneurship is not a linear journey. In order to become a good entrepreneur, you need to acquire certain skills from a young age that can help create a startup in the future that brings forward groundbreaking change or concepts.

In this article, we present to you 5 skills that we think are crucial life skills that help children be great entrepreneurs. Even if they do not want to become entrepreneurs we still believe that no matter what their dream in life will be these skills will bring them great success.

1. Curiosity

At NimbleQ, we believe that curiosity is already in our human nature, however, this skill needs to be developed and crafted in order for the child to aspire and want to gain valuable knowledge for their own greater good. This can be achieved through teachers and parents who encourage children to pursue new hobbies and interests. This is why many adults are asked to connect with their inner child, evoking curiosity can do wonders while brainstorming and researching an idea. This is where kids will build up their hunger for knowledge and this is also the chance for them to develop an extra skill called self-learning.

2. Self-Confidence

Some children are born confident whilst others need to become confident within their skills as well as knowledge. NimbleQ helps build a child’s self-confidence by encouraging their own opinion and by providing them with a platform to make their own decisions.

For example, it can start with small steps such as taking bigger responsibilities as a class monitor, teaching the class about certain concepts that the student is passionate about, and creating challenges that the child may not completely succeed in but in this way, they will grow more confident in the future which is, in our opinion, one of the most important skills to have in order to achieve success.

3. Innovation and Creativity

As entrepreneurs, we need to have a sharp mind in order to solve complex problems with innovative solutions. This is where your kids can use their best skill named imagination to become creative in an efficient and productive way. We do this through problem-solving games and activities. We organize Business Hackathons, QTalks and mentorship. This helps children to organize their imagination and channel it towards a specific goal, this also helps train the life skill of working in a team and aligning to the same goal with different ideas that can result in great innovations and solve any kind of problem with ease.

4. Communication

Teaching effective communication skills to children helps them to express themselves clearly and convey their feelings in a better manner. Communication skills are vital not only for children's cognitive and conceptual development but for their social, emotional and cultural awareness and understanding. Learning how to use different language and communication modes helps children to learn about their own culture and the cultures of others.

5. Industriousness

Last but not least, we believe that nothing can be achieved without hard work and we make efforts at NimbleQ to help children understand that in order to build a strong work ethic in the future, he or she needs to value hard work.

So while understanding your children is important, it is also equally important to give them a healthy push towards doing better. Online coaching with NimbleQ helps hone these skills in an inclusive and dynamic manner with specialized tools and methods that are backed with sound research. With amazing parental coaching and parental counseling a child’s mental health is not neglected and the child can have a healthy learning environment both at school and at home.

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