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Q.  How do you teach such complex topics to children as young as 5 years of age?

A.  Our teaching methods emphasise project-based learning and follow a reactive approach. This allows us to follow the cues of the learner, which ensures the students' engagement.  We break down the curriculum in an age appropriate manner.  This helps maintain students’ attention and effectively teach complex topics. We maintain a 1:3 teacher student ratio and employ professionals with MTech/ BTech degrees to teach students. Besides, we maintain a high student to teacher ratio.  


Q. What is NimbleQ’s Mission? 

A. NimbeQ’s mission is to “Coach children to design their life rather than follow a life that happened to them.”


Q. What is NimbleQ’s Vision?

A. NimbeQ’s mission is to “Nurture young minds to challenge assumptions, think deeply, lead global markets, innovate and solve problems”


Q. My child is not interested in technology. He/she wants to be an or artist or take up a non-professional career. Why should I enrol him/her?

A. Just like in the Stone age you needed to know how to use a hammer and chisel – In the age of knowledge you needed language skills – In the information age you need to be comfortable with technology.

This is why we use technology as a vehicle clubbed with Business Acumen and Financial Intelligence to offer a holistic program that helps children develop a problem-solving mindset. So, this is really about ensuring your child on the path to success. Just like children need to learn math - children should be familiar with technology. Even as an artist your child will use technology to sell their art. 


Q. Why should I not just focus my child’s learning on coding? Why should I teach them Business Acumen at such a young age? 

A. Learning technology in isolation is not the solution. Take the example of any technology leader – such as Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin (Google). They have created path breaking products and raised profitable companies – only because they were able to successfully bring an idea to market. This needs more than technical know-how. We need to look at education holistically - 


The world is harping on coding - that will create techies. We are creating leaders - so we use technology as a vehicle. Because technology is here to stay. So, to give an example - in the ‘90s everyone wanted to be a software engineer - we created techies who are running Silicon Valley - but only 10 CEOs in the Fortune 500 are of Indian origin 


Q. My child is weak in studies and hence I think he won’t be able to catch up with NimbleQ

A. NimbleQ programs have been developed to prepare our children for a dynamic future. We coach and train your child after understanding his/her strengths and weaknesses. It is a fact that no child is weak in studies, it is only that the educational facilities are unable to reach out to fulfil his needs. We, at NimbleQ offer a one-on-one teaching facility wherein the facilitator works to engage your child effectively and customises the teaching to suit your child and his needs. 


Q. What is the use of enrolling in such a program at this age? Isn’t this more appropriate for college-level students? 

A. Research proves that young children are like sponges. They are not socially conditioned and so their minds are more receptive to new ideas. This allows them to learn more efficiently, ask more questions and explore the world with more freedom and comfort than an adolescent or adult. 


Q. How will I as a parent get to know what is being taught in NimbleQ classes?

A. We understand that the topics that we teach at NimbleQ are new to most parents. This is why After every class; we send the notes for that class and links to what was taught in that class to keep you involved in your child’s learning process. We host parent showcases and are always available to address any queries. We believe that parents are our partners. We are both working in conjunction in the best interests of the child. You can follow the steps, understand what your child is learning. We encourage and support your involvement. It will keep your child motivated. 


Q. Why is the NimbleQ program essential to my children’s education?

A. The NimbleQ program completes your children’s education as it works to equip your child with all the skills required in the real world. NimbleQ not only encourages your children to identify problems but also to explore, learn and arrive at solutions to solve these problems. We make your children’s education holistic by preparing them to be problem solvers, independent thinkers by offering experiential and project-based learning. Our programs make your children responsible, confident and innovative and better equipped to handle change. Makes them leaders by enabling them to take initiative


Q. My child has online school now, I am apprehensive about him/ her spending so much time on the screen.

A. It is important for you as a parent to understand the difference between your child spending time online consuming content and learning a skill such as coding from an online program. We teach your child to create technology which makes them responsible consumers of the same. Providing your child with the freedom to explore learning, teaches him/her that responsibility is valuable and reinforces the fact that every action has a consequence. 


Q. Can you please tell us how effective your classes are?

A. We go to great lengths to ensure the quality of teaching and learning in our classes. We train our employees to understand the nuances of teaching children, we maintain a maximum of 1:3 teacher student ratio to guarantee understanding of concepts. We also conduct an annual survey to seek feedback. 


Parents patted our backs and complemented us for having a teaching method that was able to sustain the interest and attention of our students. They noted that our teaching approach is able to energise students and motivate them to invent and create while learning. 

Our process ensures quality by giving all students equal attention and appreciating all of their achievements. We don’t believe in competition but support a collaborative environment that helps bring out the best in each child 


Q. How do you measure customer satisfaction? 

A. We are razor focused on quality and this is why we conduct feedback sessions with our parents. However, to receive formal feedback - we conduct an annual survey of our parents. Net Promoter score (NPS) is an industry accepted metric used to measure customer satisfaction. •It is a customer satisfaction metric that can range from -100 to + 100. Anything above 0 is good. our Net promoter score – is at 57. Mercedes sits at an NPS of 39 and Apple at 47. So, at 57 we are happy that our parents support us.

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