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Looking back on 2020

2020 has been huge. We have all been faced with a year that was beyond anyone’s imagination (except Hollywood movie makers) It truly felt like living through a Sci-Fi Blockbuster. At the beginning of the year – I would have laughed if you told me that I would not step out of my house for months on end. That I would not let my children go to the playground, school or meet friends.

I would have laughed had you told me I would walk around wearing a mask in my normal day-to-day life. I would think before I hugged a loved one and that I would actually fret traveling and getting on a plane. That my kids would become my co-workers and run their own parallel office time aka online school… You get where I am going. So here are some reflections from the year that was….

If 2020 was a video, then this is what it would be. My favorite one is at the 45 second mark.

  • January: Take some time to center yourself.

  • February: There is no better comfort than time spent with a dear friend.

  • March: Brace for the unexpected. You never know when the tables turn.

  • April: Kids make birthdays super special | Thank God for technology and the internet. Life would be a struggle otherwise.

  • May: Learn from the resilience of children.

  • June: Upskill as times evolve. If you need indoor playgrounds made from mattresses and things around the house - you know who to call.

  • July: What you read in school is true... Locust swarms flew past my window.

  • August: There is no replacement for the positivity and creativity of teachers. Ever grateful to our NimbleQ teachers and my children’s school teachers for the efforts they have taken to keep students engaged.

  • September: Don’t judge situations through your lens. There are other perspectives. Be kind and give folks the benefit of your empathy.

  • October: Not very popular on the social circuit. Didn’t make it to the 50 people cut at any wedding!

  • November: If you want to make a change, then you must act. Glad my vote counted.

  • December: Sometimes take a leap of faith, take risks and go into things without expectations – you will be surprised.


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