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Chit Chat with Chakshu Gupta

“I always wanted to make an app to connect people.” - Chakshu Gupta

Chakshu Gupta, 12-years-old, joined us on Sunday, July 26 2020 for a QTalk and walked us through the behind the scenes of developing his CHITCHAT Messenger, an application now available on the Play Store.

Chakshu, after tinkering around with a number of ideas, was able to develop the CHITCHAT app. This application is very similar to WhatsApp and it allows people to use stickers to communicate, maintain privacy of chats, make groups, attach files and change themes! Chakshu is working on developing other applications, such as a video conferencing app, a calculator with a virtual keyboard, a social media app and some games. He is also trying to use Artificial Intelligence to develop an app. Apart from these applications that he is looking to develop, he applied his knowledge of coding and has made two websites.

Chakshu then took the time to answer the questions of his fellow NimbleQers and shared information on how to develop and upload apps, learn coding, website development and app making. When he was asked about the process of developing this app, he walked us down his memory lane and spoke about the ways in which NimbleQ helped him by providing him with a platform to learn coding, robotics and app development. He encouraged his audience to be curious and explore their interests and their ideas forward to achieve more by emphasizing on the need for clarity in an idea, planning and choosing the right platform to code the app.

Chakshu Gupta, has been a part of NimbleQ since its inception and looks forward to continuing learning as a NimbleQer as a means to achieve more.

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