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“Only 2% of future 500 CEOs are of Indian origin”. That is a number NimbleQ would like to change! In a hierarchical pyramid, the highest point is that of a CEO who carries enormous responsibilities for the company. All CEOs have common trained attributes that enable them to lead the company, and its various people and make effective decisions.

In this article, we explain what a CEO is, and describe the 5 necessary skills that a good CEO possesses and those that can be honed by children at an early age.


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking executive in a company. In multi-corporations, the shareholders and the board members elect a CEO, in certain startups, the founders of the company are self-elected CEOs. It is the CEO that communicates with the board of directors and functions as the public face of the company. CFOs and COOs execute the future strategies and brand direction created by the CEO. All-in-all it is a formidable task to be a CEO and possessing the traits and training skills at a younger age will only help adapt to the future of jobs better.


Effective communication from an early stage goes a long way in the future. Clear expression and crisp ideation are the hallmarks of a good CEO. With fun and realistic activities, children can learn how to communicate not only effectively but also politely so that they know how to respect other people and will be respected by others


As a CEO, it is important to not box your way of work. Each employee brings something new to the table and each person differs from the other. A good CEO recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of his team and keeps an open mind towards executing an idea depending on what his employees bring to the table. Healthy discussions can always mould an idea better and a CEO should be open to new ideas and methods. Children can be taught these skills through group projects. In rotation each child can take the lead for a project, this will help train skills in idea execution, organization, and accountability.


The best CEOs are those with whom you feel like you have an open-door policy which implies that they should be friendly and approachable. A child can be taught to become more approachable with appropriate body language and by developing better empathy links and a helping attitude.


The basics of transparency boil down to ‘trust’. A good CEO ensures that his employees are well-informed of the board’s decisions and drives various teams towards a single goal with as much transparency as possible. This gives employees realistic goals and helps make them feel important and safe. Children can learn transparency by not making excuses for work that they haven’t done and by being transparent as to how they plan on executing different projects.


CEOs should be comfortable making confident decisions. A company's leadership must remain committed to ideas once they have chosen those ideas. Internal and external stakeholders see a decisive CEO as a strong and capable leader who is sure of the company's direction.

At NimbleQ, we recognize that children in India can have their place in the corner office when they become adults by training their skills of problem-solving, critical thinking and out of the box creativity at an early age. We strive to bring empathy to technology, and NimbleQers make quick and better decisions as our learning methods go beyond school. We strive to upgrade the skills of children by providing areas of growth like entrepreneurship for kids, lateral thinking, parental counseling, online coaching, communication training, and focus on overall socio-economic development. Think Big, Think Futuristic.


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