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Conjuring The Future

If I told you two years ago that your child would go to school from the comfort of their home you would have rolled your eyes in disbelief. Like most folks must have 20 years ago when reading this Archie comic strip. However, concepts that were once ideas are now a reality. Parents who were once dissuading their children from using gadgets are using them as educational tools during the pandemic. In changes with tech come changes in human behavior

Technology has enabled life to continue at a normal pace through the pandemic. Right from ordering veggies & groceries to zoom calls for work, even your roadside vendor is tech-savvy and accepting payments through gateways!

Decades and centuries of ubiquitous innovation, building upon past discoveries has led us to the world we live in today. Self-driving cars, men on hoverboards, and flying suits are going to be common sights in the near future. We are surrounded by ideas transforming into reality every day. How can we ignore the fast-track transformation and not prepare our children for the world as it will be?

Children need exposure, experience with opportunities to explore and expand their thinking. Like a sponge, children will absorb this information process it, and conjure up things as they develop further. Our role as parents, teachers, mentors is that of enablers and “empowerees’”.

Unleash your child’s imagination by letting them experiment with future technologies and gadgets. Children are born with inherent curiosity and imagination where they can imagine a world without limits. They are capable of much more than you think. Don’t limit them to the current system of learning. Prepare them for a better future by engaging them in interesting new learning activities in their free time. Don’t just give them problems with possible solutions, teach them problem-solving. Let them know the future possibilities to be able to make a choice for their future. Let them get excited about the future and then watch the magic begin.

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