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Covid-19 Crisis - 5 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Online Courses Right Now

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

A popular saying mentions how one’s loss is another’s gain.

With the Covid-19 cases in India rising by the day, normal lifestyle of people has now come to a standstill. As the outbreak spreads further, our government has shut down schools and colleges across cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Kerala and Hyderabad among others, fearing that they might be fertile grounds for the virus to spread.

In the wake of recent developments, NimbleQ team realizes that online education has probably come to the forefront. Since people are now locked in their houses indefinitely, it provides them with an excellent opportunity to level up, increase their skill sets and make something productive out of their free time.

With the growing intervention of technology, it is imperative that people start to recognize skills they’d need to stay relevant in the global workplace. With coding, robotics and machine learning courses for kids available online, and a more interactive learning approach, India’s education system stands on the cusp of some major disruption.

Listed below, are 5 reasons why you should spend on a NimbleQ online course in this time of crisis:

1) Productivity

Online courses will help you utilize your free time to the fullest. Rather than putting our time and effort into unproductive activities, online education will not just help you learn how to manage your time, but also equip you with skills that will be with you for a lifetime.

With a hands-on approach and practice based learning, children tend to gradually become good at managing their time effectively and efficiently, rather than wasting it on something that might not be enriching them.

2) Learning new skills

At a time when traditional job roles are becoming increasingly automated and jobs being cut, it is important that people learn more than a single skill set, in order to not just equip them better in multiple disciplines, but also find relevant job opportunities and projects.

With only 33% employees taking up upskilling courses in India right now, it is important that we prepare our children to handle challenges ahead in their careers.

3) Self-paced learning

While in-classroom learning is at times inefficient and lacks individual focus, online courses are self-paced and can be learnt as per your own convenience. With a focus on helping people learn from the basic to the advanced level, online courses keep you updated with the latest around the world.

Some of the world’s most renowned figures such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk are self-taught and have achieved exceptional success.

4) Relevant curriculum

Most online courses come replete with the latest curriculum which has been designed as per the current requirements in the world of business. Online teaching facilitates learning of concepts such as AI, ML and robotics which are careers of the future.

Moreover with feedback available, the teachers can improvise and adapt their teaching style and course curriculum as per the demands of the market and students. Most companies prefer professionals who keep up with the latest technologies and trends, which gives such students a definite edge.

5) Develop problem-solving ability

Given the fact that online courses are focused on teaching concepts via project and hobby-based learning, taking them up will enable children to inculcate problem-solving and analytical skills in their personality.

They would be better-equipped to handle challenging situations and find most relevant solutions to them by putting their skills to use. Also subjects such as ML, coding and robotics test your analytical ability, which is a great opportunity for you to not just make money out of your passion, but also become a better-rounded, scientific person.

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