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Is School a Dying Institute?

I am sure that the title of this blog got you. It is not for effect, but really something that I encourage every parent to think about.

The education system as we know it today was created to train people to do repetitive tasks required to enable folks to work in the assembly line to earn a livelihood. However, as we see disruption across industries, new innovations in science and technology -we should question whether or not our education system has kept up with this change? With the onset of the Gig economy -is the system focused towards helping children prepare for the future by helping them develop skills that they will need to earn their livelihood?

Yes, the National Education policy has changed to include coding as a subject, but is that enough? What about Analytical thinking and innovation, Critical thinking and analysis, complex problem-solving - among the top ten skills required by 2025 according to the World Economic Forum.

Children spend a good 20 years of their life focusing on preparing to earn a livelihood. Yet when it comes time to put those skills to use - they are rendered inadequate.

So what is the solution? Overhauling the education system will take a lot of careful planning and since it is a regulated space the individual parent can not do much. However, you can still be mindful.

  • Think about the kind of school you send your child to

  • Think about the kind of programs you enrol your child in

  • Think about what your child is consuming through various media

  • Expose your child to other cultures

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