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Nothing By Chance: Charting the path to success

In India, we have a common saying that the bare essentials are equal to “Roti, kapda aur makan.” This is essentially an analogy for livelihood. We spend the first 20 years of our life going through the education system to prepare for this livelihood. We spend the next approximately 60 years earning that livelihood. However, the assumption is that the first 20 years will truly prepare you for the next 60. However, the reality is that you stumble, fumble, and experiment your way through the early career years. Your ability to take chances and experiment is limited as the focus is on succeeding in attaining Money, Power, and Position.

Why are we put in this situation? It is because the education system is not in sync with the workplace needs. We do not lay great stress on harnessing the potential of early years. We adopt a piecemeal approach to imparting future-ready skills. Case in point – the National Education Policy of 2020. It includes a focus on coding for children from Grade 6 onwards. However, learning to code is not enough. This is just what we did in the 1990s, encouraged children to pursue Software Engineering. Most Software engineers from this era migrated to Silicon Valley, got stuck in mid-level roles. Hardly any made it to the C-suite or created the Googles or Apples of the world. A proof point is that 2% of Fortune 500 CEOs are of Indian origin.

Add to this that the Future of work is changing at a rapid rate. Consider this - 65% of grade school children will end up working in jobs that have not yet been invented. Process-based, repetitive jobs will be replaced by technology. Our children will be required to use their critical thinking and problem-solving ability to earn their livelihood. Not only that with the onset of the Gig economy – jobs as we know them will evolve. You will only be as good as your previous gig. There will be no job security.

Given this scenario – the existing school system requires a major overhaul. Not only in the curriculum, but in the entire educational experience of the child.

This is what creates an opportunity for a program like NimbleQ where we are focused on making children future-ready. The NimbleQ Experience focuses not only on the curriculum but leverages teaching pedagogy, experiential learning, and a focus on application to help NimbleQers build 21st-century skills.

Through our program, we nurture young minds to challenge assumptions, think deeply, lead global markets, innovate and solve problems

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