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Can a Child Demonstrate Leadership?

What is Leadership? Is it a job title or is it a skill?

Traditionally when we speak of Leadership it conjures up images of a person motivating and leading a group of other people. There is a sense of power and influence over others.

This understanding of Leadership worked well at a time when we were producing talent to do repetitive jobs that did not require critical thinkers. Following the Leader's direction was enough. However, this understanding does not work in today’s day and age. According to Weforum, critical thinking and problem-solving will be critical for the workforce in the next few years.

A New Look at Leadership

As livelihood means shift to a Gig economy, (where people move from one project to the next as opposed to a single job), our understanding of Leadership has to shift as well. It is even more important now for each individual to show Leadership skills. Simply put every individual has to be able to lead oneself and take charge. In essence, Leadership has moved out from conference rooms and business environments. It now transcends every aspect of our life.

  • A parent is a leader as she is providing direction for their family

  • A child is a leader as she is making choices and carving a path for himself

Can Leadership be Taught?

Leadership is a skill. It needs to be practiced from an early age such that it is natural to an individual. Just like we work on reading and writing as a skill we need to work on developing leadership skills early on. What was once good to have is now a must have for our children.

Leaders are self-aware people who use critical thinking skills to problem-solve. This is why it is even more important for children to develop these leadership traits early on. It will boost their confidence and empower them to navigate the ever-changing environment with ease and grace. This is the time to prepare for the future. As a parent you need to ask the question “How am I empowering my child for the future?”

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